The Slimson Podcast

Episode 2. Mr C

March 08, 2022 Oliver Jackson (Slimson Founder) Season 1 Episode 2
The Slimson Podcast
Episode 2. Mr C
Show Notes

 Going right back to the early 80s this DJ, Producer and Rapper has been at the forefront of all things House & Techno whether it be as a weekly resident at  Acid House Night ‘RIP’ on Clink Street, making number one records as the frontman of the Shamen or opening the legendary nightclub The End in London.  And 2022 is looking just as busy for Mr C as he takes his Superfreq party out on a 20th Anniversary Tour, with dates in the USA, Ecuador, Switzerland, London, Manchester and Leeds.

(This month’s episode of the podcast will be coming to you in 2 parts. When you have a guest with stories as good as these.....there’s just too much to fit into one hour.)

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You can get your tickets for the Superfreq 20th Anniversary Tour in London (19th March)
here and follow the man himself on Instagram for up to date news on both gigs and releases

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