The Slimson Podcast

Episode 12. Griff

July 11, 2023 Oliver Jackson (Slimson Founder) Season 1 Episode 12
The Slimson Podcast
Episode 12. Griff
Show Notes

Hailing from Sunny Scotland, GRIFF is a DJ & Producer whose music always gets the party started....and with a sound that is rooted in the origins of soulful house and disco you know this selecta will only ever play records that make a proper connection on the dance floor.
London & Newcastle are where you can find Griff in the UK nowadays, but it’s IBIZA that has always been his spiritual home with gigs on the island at PIKES, AMNESIA, PRIVILEGE, HI, MAMBO & IBIZA ROCKS.
As a producer he has released on the likes of Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction Label with both stand alone tracks and an official remix for BACK TALK’S Paradise featuring Idris Elba alongside remixes from both SKREAM and Patrick Topping.
The vinyl release of his GRIFF’S GAFF EP had support in the booth from the likes of Artwork, Richy Ahmed and DJ you know the future is always going to be bright for this musical scotsman

**This episode comes with a live mix from GRIFF where you can hear him playing a slightly tougher sound....and we LOVE IT!!!

Thanks too to GRIFF for letting us use his brilliant track Discoball as the intro music on all of our episodes. It really is the perfect record to accompany our podcast.

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